The Frenchman's Crepes

The Frenchman's Goods introduces the Frenchman's Crepes!

Step into a world of festive flavors and warm, aromatic delights at the Frenchman’s Crepes!

Nestled in the heart of The Holiday Market at Snowport in Boston, our crepe stand transports you straight to the cobbled streets of Paris, offering a taste of authentic French crepes that will kindle your holiday spirit.

Meet us @ 85 Northern Av, Boston, MA 02210

November 10th to December 31st 2023

Our Stand

At the stand, inviting aromas of freshly prepared crepes waft through the air, beckoning visitors to experience the culinary magic for themselves. Our skilled crepe turners craft each crepe with precision using traditional techniques and transform simple ingredients into the perfect treat. 

Our Crepes

Indulge in the sweetness of the season with our divine dessert crepes. Try our traditional butter and sugar crepe, the classic Nutella crepe, or our special Raspberry Ricotta crepe, garnished to perfection before your very eyes.

For those seeking something hearty, try our savory crepes! Enjoy the quintessential French experience with our traditional Ham and Gruyère crepe, La Crepe Monsieur, or explore unique combinations like La Pomme, our apple and brie Crepe, or La Chevre, our goat cheese and honey crepe.

Whether you're strolling through the holiday market with loved ones or taking a moment of solitude to savor a crepe, The Frenchman’s Crepes offers a delightful culinary escape. Here, the taste of tradition meets the spirit of the season, making the Frenchman’s Crepes a must-visit destination at Snowport this holiday season. 

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